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Beauty Evidence


I've been seeing Colleen for 10 years, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Every service she provides comes with perfection. She takes great care to provide excellent results everytime. She is pleasant and professional. My absolute favorite hair service provider!

-Charlotte Thrasher

For the longest time I salon hopped because I could never find a competent hair stylist and then Colleen came into my life. You have to know the girl knows her trade. She is well educated, passionate, talented, and a blast to be around. NO more bad hair for me as long as I have Miss Coco taking care of me!

-Kayley Sandling

Colleen is a fantastic stylist. She takes pride in her craft. I've been coming to Colleen since the very beginning of her career. I've gotten to see her evolve into a well known stylist. You cannot go wrong with Colleen, she won't let you leave unless you love your new hair style.

-Lauren Myer

Colleen Has been my hair stylist for so long I don't know anymore! She knows exactly what will work for me and it always looks amazing. She is really an artist.

-Tammy Davis

Just started with Colleen and just love how she listens and tells you what she thinks I should or should not do!

-Janet Krack

I've been seeing Colleen for over 5 years now. I can't imagine seeing anyone else to do my hair. She's very experienced and is always keeping up with the latest hair trends. She goes above and beyond to take care of my hair and does a fabulous job! If I want to go from brunette to blonde back to brunette, she always does it the best way to keep my hair healthy and strong. I love CocoCouture Hair Co!

-Christina Marie Sanchez

Coco is a great colorist and cuts hair with precision. Although I am a graphic designer and not a hair specialist, I recognize artist ability when I see it.

-Nina Douglas

I absolutely love Colleen and the work she does. Colleen stays up to date on the latest techniques and uses high quality products. The best thing about Colleen though is that she treats you like family and she puts so much passion and care into everything she does! I highly highly highly recommend Colleen if you are looking for a cosmetologist!

-Sierra Santiago

Love the customer service and excellent work you do!! The best part is that you always listen to my ideas, but you are honest with me about what is possible. I receive compliments on my color and cut often! Friends, co-workers, people I don't know, all ages and everywhere in the community. Its amazing!

-Donna Obermeyer

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